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 Real Women, Real Harmony, Real Fun!

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Come and Join us on Thursday evenings!

When you have something special there is no greater joy than to share it and that is exactly the aim of Apple County Chorus.


Women of all ages and occupations are drawn together by a love of singing and the friendship found within the Chorus.


Apple County Chorus is very popular in the Somerset area and  frequently requested to sing at Charity Events, Shows, Functions, National Celebrations and around the Christmas Tree.


Apple County is proud to have supported many different causes and charities including SW Childrens Hospice, Red Nose day and Cancer charities.

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"Singing is good for you. It raises our self esteem and brings us joy. It puts our minds at ease during troubled times and makes us cheerful. It's aerobic; therefore, it's a healthy choice. It makes us happy".

Diane Huber ... Pitch Pipe Jan 2005


apple flyer Brewfest 2016 Hwi

Horton Women's Institute Christmas Party

Forthcoming Events



Sunday 9th July Vivary Park Bandstand Concert  

                                                                          3- 4.30pm


Sunday 30th July Taunton Live  2.00 pm

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Blagdon Hill Fete June 2017

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Music Team Blagdon Hill Fete